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Moving files and programs to a new computer

So, you’ve acquired a new computer with a newer operating system. How do you minimize the hassle of moving all your files and programs over from the old system to the new one? That’s a problem that must  confront tens of thousands of people every day.

I went through it a few months ago when I bought a new netbook that has Windows 7 installed. My old system runs Windows XP. It took some digging and a bit of expense to zero in on a workable approach that was not too daunting.

I discovered that there is no way to move both document files and programs over in one fell swoop. So face it, all program applications will need to be installed fresh on your new computer. It turns out that is not so bad, and actually has some advantages.

Moving my files and settings was relatively painless using a Belkin cable that is made specially for that purpose. It also preserved all of my settings. Here’s a description and link to that product:

Upgrading to a new computer has never been easier. The Belkin Easy Transfer Cable is the quickest way to migrate files, music, photos, user accounts—and more—from your Windows XP or Windows Vista ® PC to your new Windows 7 PC.


The listed price is $39.99, but you can probably find it cheaper on eBay or elsewhere.

Here’s another suggestion which you might consider that is offered by Gene Barlow who is a backup expert and vendor for Acronis software. (I have no commercial interest in this but include it for your information.)

Recommended Migration Approach

The best way that I have found to move my application programs and data files to a new Windows 7 computer is the following:

  • Install all of the application programs you want to run on your new Windows 7 computer from the CDs or downloads of these programs. So, gather your programs and serial numbers together before you make the move to Windows 7.
  • Make a full backup of your old WinXP computer using Acronis True Image and save that backup on an external hard drive.
  • Install True Image 2011 on your new Windows 7 computer. Older versions of True Image will not run on Windows 7. Only True Image 2010 and True Image 2011 will run on Windows 7.
  • Attach your external hard drive containing the most recent backup image of your WinXP computer to your new Windows 7 computer.
  • Run Windows Explorer on your Windows 7 computer and use this to find your data files on your WinXP backup image on the external hard drive. Move these to your new computer’s hard drive.

This approach takes a bit more effort to re-install all of the application programs on your new Windows 7 computer, but you will end up with a cleaner running system when you do this. Moving your data files from the backup image is a simple task to do. Most users will find this approach the easiest one to follow.

Acronis True Image Home 2011

The product that makes the migration to a new Windows 7 computer so easy is the Acronis True Image Home 2011 backup utility. This top rated backup utility will not only help you to move your important data files to your new computer, but it can be used to backup your new Windows 7 computer for the future. To order True Image 2011 from us, go to http://www.ugr.com/TrueImage.html and click on the appropriate Buy Now button. We offer this excellent backup program at half the normal price you will find it elsewhere, just $25 per license. Each computer you wish to backup should have its own license of the product to be legal. I not only provide you with a super price on this excellent software product, but I will try to make using this product easy and effortless for you.

One thing that is not clear from Gene’s description is whether your settings can also be migrated using this method.

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