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Big Brother is looking through you

This article in the Christian Science Monitor should have us all up-in-arms.  In the name of security, the government is radiating Americans without our knowledge. What ever happened to search warrants and probable cause. The Bill of Rights and the rest of the Constitution are in tatters. — t.h.g.

‘Feds radiating Americans’? Mobile X-ray vans hit US streets

Health Risks of Cell Phones, and How to Protect Yourself

This message from Ben Levi pretty much sums up the dangers of cell phone use, as well as precautions that can greatly reduce risks of adverse health effects. Please make sure to educate others, especially kids, who are especially susceptible to adverse radiation effects. –t.h.g.

Dear friends,

As you all know, I’m pretty much of a techno-weenie, being an engineer by training, a Macintosh consultant, and general technology aficionado. Thus I have been very aware of the issues surrounding cellphone radiation and its impact on the human body, wherever it comes in contact (usually our ears).

The issues are highly political, and highly profit-biased, in that those companies who stand to make the most profit (cellphone manufacturers and wireless phone companies) are the ones who are doing all of the funding of studies researching the health impacts (and, of course, not finding any negative impacts at all). Here is one recent article, this is from GQ magazine, which again notes the clear evidence, being covered up, that ill health effects from cellphone radiation is a timebomb waiting to happen… ESPECIALLY FOR YOUNG ADULTS who spend many hours a day with their cellphones glued to their ears.  http://www.gq.com/cars-gear/gear-and-gadgets/201002/warning-cell-phone-radiation?printable=true&currentPage=1

So what to do about reducing the risk of developing brain tumors if you use a cellphone a lot?

1) Stop using cellphones (or reduce usage dramatically);

2) Use a headset! This is the approach I¹ve taken, and recommend to everyone who uses a cellphone. With a wired headset between the cellphone and your ear, you effectively remove the harmful effects of the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) being emitted from the cellphone during use (as long as the cellphone is not right next to your body). This is because the EMR is proportional to the cube of the distance… so its harmful effects drop off very quickly the further the cellphone is from your body. [Note: Using a bluetooth wireless headset will still use EMR to communicate wirelessly between the headset and the cellphone, so I do not recommend using them as a substitute, even though the EMR emitted from a bluetooth headset to a cellphone a few feet away is much much lower than the EMR emitted from a cellphone, which has to communicate to the nearest cellphone tower sometimes miles away, and thus must be much more powerful.

For those of us who don’t use cell phones very often (like me), I am not worried at all about using it a few minutes a day… I do think it takes a lot of usage to have a negative impact. But for all of the parents out there, please do pay attention to this for your kids, for they are the ones who will be adversely impacted. It will take years to manifest as brain tumors, but my gut, as well as a lot of scientific evidence, says that it’s a very likely possibility that can easily be drastically reduced with a little awareness, and not much expense.

Now as for wireless internet… The same folks who are talking about cellphone radiation being cancer-causing are also against wireless internet networks for the same reason. Many people have what is being called “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity”, or EHS. Here is my thinking about this:  I think in-home wireless networks are VERY low powered, in terms of EMR. Yes, we are exposed to the wireless waves all the time we are in our houses, but the actual power involved is very low, and the distance between the source (i.e. the wireless router) and our bodies, is typically many feet.

However, I am very wary of the implementation of large-scale (i.e. city-wide) wireless networks, called WIMAX, that are being tested in cities around the world. This, to me, is another disaster waiting to happen… at least for those people who have EHS. Obviously as an evolutionary “stressor,” we can learn eventually to adapt to this new parameter in our ³life conditions²… but I¹m not sure such a wide-scale implementation is healthy for human beings… they don¹t call places where wi-fi can be accessed “hot spots” for nothing.

In awareness, Ben

Ben Levi || Boulder, CO USA