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Daniel Ellsberg speaks about Wikileaks: Assange’s life in danger.

In this interview with MSNBC reporter, Dylan Ratigan, Daniel Ellsberg draws a parallel between Wikileaks now and his own leaking of the Pentagon Papers in the 1970s, and expresses concern that Julian Assange may be the target of an assassination threat by the US government. An important one to view. — t.h.g.


Free speech and Wikileaks

This article from Alternet provides some interesting facts and useful insights into the Wikileaks brouhaha. — t.h.g.

The 9 Weirdest Things About the WikiLeaks Story Here are the 9 craziest facets of the international uproar surrounding WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

And here’s another report from Cyrano’s Journal: WikiLeaks threatens to unravel the Big Lie.