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Scottish independence–Aye or Nay? John Oliver sums it all up.

What are the pros? What are the cons? This may not persuade you, but it should amuse.

The Locus of Power in Today’s World

What are the largest, most powerful entities in the world? Transnational Institute has published a report, State of Power: 2013, that contains some interesting statistics, among them the fact that forty of the world’s biggest economies are corporations, and less than one percent of the companies, mostly banks, control 40% of all corporate shares. Read the full report here.

UN attacks on free speech and the truth behind the Muslim riots

I’m not a big fan of Fox News but Ben Swann, on his Reality Check program, lays out some interesting facts and raises some disturbing questions.

This video takes a look at the U.N. call for banning blasphemy and whether it is based on a false narrative.

Time to wake up to reality, World War 3 is now underway

This video explains quite well the current geo-political situation. It’s the money, people!

Daniel Ellsberg Arrested Protesting the ‘American Nuclear Doomsday Machine’

According to Nation of Change, Daniel Ellsberg, who became famous for leaking the Pentagon Papers to the press during the Viet Nam war, was  arrested along with several others on Saturday at Vandenburg Air Force base in California for protesting the test of the Minuteman III InterContinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM). The complete report and background details can be seen here.

Follow that blog…

Some people are more insightful than others. With my limited attention, and in the face of information overload, I WANT to be selective in what I read. Dmytri Kleiner is one of those rare observers who can not only drill deep down to the core of an issue, but is also able to tell about it in an clear and interesting way. He is particularly astute in the realm of sociopolitical issues, and his European perspective makes his essays particularly interesting for North Americans. He has finally taken the leap to create a real blog where he has posted all of the articles he’s written over the past 3 years or so. I’m following his posts; you may want to, as well.

Start by scrolling down the page and read Nobody Goes There Anymore, It’s Too Crowded!

Police Intelligence Analyst Tony Farrel: 7/7 Was an Inside Job

This video interview tells a fascinating story of one intelligent and courageous professional who came to see another “inconvenient truth.”

An Principal Intelligence Analyst for South Yorkshire Police has spoken out about the July 7th ’05 London Bombings. Tony Farrell who has served for the police since 1998 is convinced as he can be that the bombings were a false flag attack carried out by intelligence agencies. In July 2010 he was asked to compile a threat assessment report for South Yorkshire Police. His own research lead him to believe the major threat in the UK today is from an “internal tyranny” which the public are slowly finding out about. He believes the public’s reaction to these facts may present a threat of public unrest. He was dismissed from his post last year because his views were considered untenable, but the police officers who sacked him did not disagree with his views! In fact they seemed to encourage him to appeal the decision. He is now awaiting a tribunal for unfair dismissal taking place in September 2011.

You can watch it in three parts here, but this site is a bit easier to navigate.

This case could be of major political importance, not only for the UK, but for America, as well.–t.h.g.