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Maine town declares “food sovereignty”

At a recent town hall meeting, residents of the town of Sedgwick, Maine, unanimously supported an ordinance that pushes back against state and federal regulations that promote the corporate food system and encumber small-scale local farming. Read about it here.

A serious message from the bees?

Bees do a lot more than provide us with a sweet treat. Most of our food supply depends on bees for pollination, yet we are inadvertently killing them. Colony collapse has become a major threat to our food supply. Monoculture and widespread use of pesticides are probably not sustainable. Queen of the Sun: What are the Bees Telling Us?,  is a new award-winning film that tells this important story. Watch the trailer.

Avoid farmed salmon

I am very fond of salmon and eat it often, however I avoid buying farmed salmon. Why? There are many reasons, including all of the usual problems associated with monoculture. This video begins to explain it.

Small farmers about to become extinct under pending legislation

The agribusiness juggernaut marches on as its minions in Congress push through new legislation to disable small farmers and put all food production into the hands of corporate behemoths. Watch this 3 minute video. – t.h.g.