What’s wrong with the American health care system?

This video, Why Are American Health Care Costs So High? goes a long way toward answering that question.

One response to “What’s wrong with the American health care system?

  1. Super. Raises a query re fake news. Why is it so difficult to get useful and “true” news in the MSM? Why isn’t there a campaign to spread the info on this 7 minute video to everyone in the USA? Not everyone should watch this video – more is needed that “facts”, including competencies to study, comprehend and evaluate factual claims.

    Related to this, from earlier today: The most useful info to support truly progressive ideas are literally taboo for the MSM in the USA. We are calmed because we can access this info online or within tiny newsletter, and thus this remains “free”. Stop and construct a world based only on the MSM (both Fox and CNN/MSNBC – NYTimes or WAPO)? The so-called “liberal press” fails to report on much of value.

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