The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words

This is absolutely great! You’re gonna love this. The Dutch are making political humor great again. You had better watch this or you’re gonna get tweeted.

2 responses to “The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words

  1. SUPER VIDEO! I wonder what The Donald would experience if he viewed this?

    Our query should be: How have we inaccurately comprehended reality so that the rise of Global Trumpism is unexpected?


    • Larry,

      Matthew Slater, the author of the article you cite, , is a long time colleague. He assisted me in my Greece workshop last summer and will be doing so again this year (

      Matt’s article in P2P is pretty good (
      I take issue with one statement though.
      “Collaborative credit implies that everybody‚Äôs promise has equivalent value, which in economics is called fungibility, an important property of money.”
      That can be interpreted in various ways, one of which implies that every member should get the same line of credit (debit balance limit).
      That, of course, has been the doom of many LETS systems and of the Volos (Greece) TEM exchange as well.

      The focus must not be on the person but on the product. What we are doing in a collaborative credit circle is monetizing the value of the goods and services flowing into the circle from each account. The more value from an account, the higher the debit limit (line of credit) can be.

      This is probably what Matthew intended, but it is not clear in the article.

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