Getting together in community

1-IMG_0027As I grow old(er) I feel the need to be a bit more settled than I’ve been in recent years; the nomadic lifestyle is becoming more difficult. Still, I’m in pretty good health and remain independent. I’d like to connect with others of like mind to invent new ways of aging together and supporting each others’ independence. To that end I’ve recently posted this ad on the Communities Magazine website.

Active Senior Community now forming.

We are seeking to organize a group of independent seniors (and maybe a younger or two) who are still actively engaged and working in various ways to make a better world. We don’t like, or cannot afford retirement homes. We think a better way is to cooperate and share in a cooperative household where we can have the privacy we need while working together and providing each other with companionship and support.

The community might be located anywhere but our focus right now is on Tucson and southern Arizona which offers a delightful climate, a relatively low cost of living, and all the amenities that one might desire.

Large houses in this area can be leased for quite reasonable rents. Contact Tom at

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