Children’s flash mob in Paris delights

Take a few minutes to watch it.

2 responses to “Children’s flash mob in Paris delights

  1. ABSOLUTELY STUPENDOUS – the faces of the children/musicians!!!! THANKS.

    These SPIRITUAL/EMOTIONAL happening MUST be integral components of our EMERGENCE. The recent TheNextEdge Festival in Montreal was so AWESOME, that nothing of conceptual content has yet emerged from it !!!! The participants are in a trance. Their euphoria is shining brightly. This is OK. They have been interacting in their special FaceBook group for years. This was their first F2F gathering. They “sang” in Montreal as the children “musicated” in Paris.

    How do we integrate? I recently viewed a few posts positing HEART over HEAD. This competitive/oppositional stance is one of our major problems. The warped head of ISIS and TeaParty is amplified by their sincere hearts. The concerned head of “progressives” can’t seem to muster heart to motivate the action needed. HEART/HEAD are in a complementarity relationship. Yin/Yang has been our traditional exemplar, but poorly comprehended.

    We must organize to transcend our tribal propensities: Single Causes-Single Actions; Simple was (statistically) better for survival. in Tribal Eras.

    Back to the youth flash mob concert. It would be interesting to know the “history” of this happening. Would be quite useful for the “planning” of similar flash mob performances. Might FLASH MOB PERFORMANCES go VIRAL?!? THESE ARE FAR FROM SPONTANEOUS, in the sense that there is no “planning” involved.

  2. Donald Bradshaw.(Scotland]

    absolutely fantastic!!!! I truly enjoyed watching, and listening to these children. I would reccomend this to anyone, even to the few child abusers!!

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