911-Need we look again?

This video by David Hooper is the best document I have seen about the events that resulted in the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York on 9-11-2001.

Methodically raising the obvious questions, presenting numerous testimonies, and examining plausible explanations, this video will keep you riveted as much as the best mystery thrillers, and probably lead you, as it did me, to consider the unthinkable about what really happened on that fateful day.

ANATOMY OF A GREAT DECEPTION (New and Updated Sept 2014).

4 responses to “911-Need we look again?

  1. Tom, I’d give that video a B-, although the personal learning transformation is unique. There are so many anomalies in the official story that are not even mentioned. What actually hit the Pentagon? Why weren’t US planes not set after the hijacked planes? Why the very first reports were orchestrated part of the coverup? Who knew ahead of time and saved their asses and money? Etc. Etc. Etc. A comprehensive video has yet to be produced, as well as a comprehensive list of quality books.

    This is a story TOO BIG TO BE AIRED. I no longer recommend it’s promotion, as if it became PUBLIC DIALOG, it would require a (more powerful) POLICE STATE.

    What is important it to realize that those who did this, and other actions, CONTINUE TO EXIST AND ACT. They are too powerful to be confronted. They will permit us to dialog off MSM to keep track of us.

    The above also applies to the many assassinations.

  2. This is something horrible on the face of Nature which certainly couldn’t (or could?!) create such scoundrelism in its noble evolution! I am trying to believe logically the given — very convincing — arguments, and sights, and videos, and audios — and I can’t believe it! Is it not a terrible mistake? — equal to the slander that Americans never put their foot on the Moon?

    • Edward. NATURE can be very energetic (Big Bang, quasars, black holes, supernovas, ice ages & big melts, atmospheric turbulence, super volcano eruptions, etc). NATURE is a mix of Destruction and Creation. Change occurs at many different scales. Humankind hasn’t been around nearly long enough to “naturally” work out its kinks – which may be fatal – nothing new to NATURE.

      CIVILIZATION is an era of very rapid infant growth of a new, radical species. Steven Pinker has documented that Person-ON-Person violence has greatly decreased over the centuries. Our media makes it appear as P-ON-P violence is increasing. WHAT REMAINS IS DISTURBING! Unfortunately, Pinker ignores System-ON-Person slow violence, that is rapidly increasing. The 9/11 attack, and JFK, RFK, MLK assassinations (and many other targeted killings) is standard procedure throughout history as elites, through social technology, rule the masses.

      CONSPIRACY is the primary tactic of elites in CIVILIZATION, mostly by elite-elite warfare. One of their most important joint actions is to brand “conspiracy” as foolish idea – impossible!

      Edward, I am both optimistic and hopeful. We (humankind) is the MOST exciting innovation of COSMOS and GAIA. Our emergence is in our own hands – and we still face that challenge (to which I have dedicated five decades).

      I invite you to look at my set of essays, NU GENESIS, at my recent blog: http://nuet.us/collections/nu-genesis-collection/ , and explore my UPLIFT proposal.

      It is not a matter of morals or ethics, although those perspectives are relevant factors. NO ONE IS TO BLAME. Everyone ACTS RIGHTLY consistent with their internalized WORLD, which emerged differently within each of us without any real choice. Each human responds to the patterns hosted on their individual brains, and have only minor influence on the evolution of these mind/brain patterns. Our BEST contemporary “views” of “who we are” are, unfortunately, quite inaccurate. Not that I KNOW “who we are”. I know we are exploring this essential query. It is our assumptions that we already KNOW the “nature” of HUMANKIND is one of our barriers.

      Another is our assumption that we know the “nature” of NATURE.

      Browse my blog essays, QUERY ME. That YOU responded is VERY IMPORTANT.


      • эдуард мининг

        Dear TOM, — thanks awfully for your kingly response to my humble and (as I see now, funny) comment. Of course, Nature was never interested in the idea of any value of her future excrements, be them even a thinking “humankind”. Still, there is some alluring idea of her wholeness and moving to hights rather than dropping to stinky nothingness. The idea of some heartwarming “entelechy”. Even for such normal atheist as me there plays the music of a gaol, if not “mission”. For Nature (which I suppose to be the only one in the All… or not one?) there are no laws, or, rather, the only one law is to betray any emerging rules. You have presented such an unembraceable reign of big and universal ideas that my whole life will be too short to digest them and respond to each. Terribly interesting! Thank you!

        Tue, 13 Jan 2015 03:43:01 +0000 от Tom’s News and Views : >Laurence J. Victor commented: “Edward. NATURE can be very energetic (Big Bang, quasars, black holes, supernovas, ice ages & big melts, atmospheric turbulence, super volcano eruptions, etc). NATURE is a mix of Destruction and Creation. Change occurs at many different scales. Human” >

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