F-16 Fighter jets being resurrected from Tucson “bone yard.”

F-16 Fighter jets are being resurrected for pilotless flight from the aircraft “bone yard” at Tucson’s Davis Monthan Air Force base. Watch this Boeing video.

One response to “F-16 Fighter jets being resurrected from Tucson “bone yard.”

  1. Resurrecting weapons from the BoneYard to transform into weapons without endangering human warriors is a frightening vision. When will IUD’s start being delivered by drones? What is the projected danger of suicide bombers exploding in populations?

    Which is more horrendous: an IS beheading or a drone attack on a suspected “terrorist” with family, and women and children crawling maimed from the wreckage?

    In the Vietnam war everyone in North Vietnam were viewed as the enemy – as so-called “civilians” gave support to “combatants”. Bombing hospitals was secretly OK.

    We can’t quickly stop institutionalized negative behaviors. We can only act in ways that will eliminate the causes and institutions that support such behaviors. And, given the current power of those behind the negative behaviors we must apply nested strategies all the way to success; we can’t hope that actions in response to contemporary events will eventually lead to success.

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