Scottish independence–Aye or Nay? John Oliver sums it all up.

What are the pros? What are the cons? This may not persuade you, but it should amuse.

One response to “Scottish independence–Aye or Nay? John Oliver sums it all up.

  1. FUN. The “winner” has been projected; Great Britain continues – but with modification. Scotland gained quite a bit from their campaign. Elections still have the potential to educate – but no longer in the USA. I’ve been watching the 7 part series on The Roosevelts by Ken Burns – a rare breed. Learning a lot I never knew.

    What ever happened to the concern about vote count corruption. 2000 and 2004 went to Bush because of election manipulation. Both parties may now try and must keep it out of the MSM. Yet, nothing anymore in the alternative media.

    Are you still in Bisbee? You got some rain this time. The storm went south of the border and missed Tucson.

    Greatly appreciated your reply to David Pinto. He is a very interesting person, but have yet to get to know him.

    I added two more posts today and have about a dozen in draft. *OLLO for the Design/Construction of Strategic Scaffolding* is where I want to devote my future efforts. Currently composing NU GENESIS, an alternative “creation myth” as “background” for UPLIFT.


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