Burzynski, an incredible story of abusive government

The documentary DVD, Burzynski, (2010) arrived from Netflix a couple days ago and I watched it.
What an amazing account of harassment by the Texas state government and the FDA on behalf of big pharma to protect the vested interests from losing out to a cancer treatment that really works and is non-toxic.

Now that they can no longer deny the efficacy, they are trying to steal Dr. Burzynski’s patents.
A must watch.

One response to “Burzynski, an incredible story of abusive government

  1. It’s not exactly an uncritical piece is it? You know, given it was made by Burzynski and his sycophants.

    The actual fact is that Burzynski is a scammer. If his product worked it wouldn’t be in medical trials 3 decades later. Burzynski keeps the trials going so that he never has to produce anything and can bilk the poor dupes who have paid their life savings for a life belt made of stone.

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