Medical interventions: physicians don’t want them.

Here’s an article you may want to read. It’s titled, How Do Physicians and Non-Physicians Want to Die?. The article reports the results of a survey in which physicians gave very different answers than non-physicians in regard to various interventions that might be administered toward the end of life. This information may help you make better decisions for yourself.

One response to “Medical interventions: physicians don’t want them.

  1. Tom, I witnessed this recently. Our elderly house guest suddenly collapsed in our house and went to ICU, where he asked for no major intervention. To avoid severe discomfort he was given morphine and a ventilator. He passed Christmas morning after two days of some discomfort. He might have looked worse than he was actually feeling. As he was conscious they couldn’t just pull the plug which would have been traumatic. I want a shot like are given to pets.

    Looking forward to your return, Larry

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