Go jump off a cliff…

It’s truly awesome what humans can do.

One response to “Go jump off a cliff…

  1. Yes, Tom – humans have truly amazing potentials – if they could only be directed towards all our challenges. I have long viewed these physical feats as metaphor for what we might do collectively.

    Human collaboration can sometimes be astonishing in small, local efforts. The collaboration of those flyers is an example I expect that their mutual aide in co-learning is as important to their success as their emotional and physical skills. Big projects seem accomplished by top down hierarchical management, with limited contribution to the whole project from the majority of participants.

    My insight is that we need a “tighter and longer temporal” integration of both constructing scaffolding and learning to play/work within the scaffolding. We need to cycle the emergence of collaboration upward. Today, scaffolding construction (technology) and learning (personal and team) occur in distinct silos.

    Hope you are enjoying yourself. Larry

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