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UN attacks on free speech and the truth behind the Muslim riots

I’m not a big fan of Fox News but Ben Swann, on his Reality Check program, lays out some interesting facts and raises some disturbing questions.

This video takes a look at the U.N. call for banning blasphemy and whether it is based on a false narrative.

Time to wake up to reality, World War 3 is now underway

This video explains quite well the current geo-political situation. It’s the money, people!

New Posts to freedom website

This has just come in from Gian Piero de Bellis announcing additions to the freedom oriented website, — t.h.g.

A series of new files have been added in the last few months to the web site.
Here I want to point out to you just a few of them that might be of some interest to you
(1973-2012) John Zube, An Anthology of Wisdom & Common Sense (M) (N) (O)
This huge compilation by John Zube has now reached letter O and should be completed by the end of the year (with further corrections to previous files)
A very interesting contribution to the development of panarchy
(2012) Richard Moore, A model of self-governance (A presentation)
A slides presentation on how to administer the Commons (using the Dynamic Facilitation approach)
(1961) Lewis Mumford, The Greek Polis
Two extracts from The City in History that show that parasitism has been with us for centuries (but not everywhere – nor to very high levels as when a civilization is in decline)
(1855-1857) Charles Dickens, The Circumlocution Office
Bureaucracy as portrayed by Charles Dickens
(1964) Abraham Kaplan, The Process of Observation
This is from a chapter of a classic book on epistemology
(1972) Eric Jantsch, Forecasting
A short presentation of forecasting by one of the best writers on the subject.
For those interested on Anarchy, I have put the text of an exhibition presented here in Saint Imier for the 140th anniversary of the Anti-authoritarian Congress (1872-2012). The text is in English and in French
(2012) Gian Piero de Bellis, About Anarchy (Themes) [English]
(2012) Gian Piero de Bellis, A Propos de l’Anarchie (Thèmes) [Français])
For those interested in urbanization and the division between town and country I have made a short survey of the topic in this essay:
For other files uploaded recently refer to the home page of