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Is it really organic? Can Whole Foods be trusted?

This investigative report raises considerable doubt. Much of what Whole Foods markets sell is imported from China. It may be labeled “organic,” but there is no reliable assurance that it really is. You decide, but be sure to read the labels on each package. At least we can still count on labeling to be correct. Or can we??

This is what we’re made of.

The world is facing a multi-dimensional mega-crisis. How will we respond?

Will we fight among ourselves in a Hobbsian war of all against all, or will we pull together, sharing what we have and cooperating to create a better world. This moving story about the boat evacuation of lower Manhattan on 9/11 gives me hope.

Daniel Ellsberg Arrested Protesting the ‘American Nuclear Doomsday Machine’

According to Nation of Change, Daniel Ellsberg, who became famous for leaking the Pentagon Papers to the press during the Viet Nam war, was  arrested along with several others on Saturday at Vandenburg Air Force base in California for protesting the test of the Minuteman III InterContinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM). The complete report and background details can be seen here.

Ed Asner–The insanity of Florida’s proposed nuclear plant

This video featuring Ed Asner makes some powerful arguments against the proposed new nuclear power plant in Florida.

One need not argue the pros and cons of nuclear power. If we take away government subsidies and guarantees, the free market will kill nuclear power automatically.