An amazing story about human progress

This short video graphically  shows improvements in human health and wealth over the past 200 years. But it leaves some lingering questions: Does longevity equate to health? Is higher money income a causal factor?

2 responses to “An amazing story about human progress

  1. Rosling’s dynamic graph of “human progress” is the gleeful pinning of billions to the peculiar standards of one particular culture. It is merely code for civilization’s conquest of more traditional and indigenous culture.

    Assuming that Rosling is not fooled by old statistical tricks (lower infant mortality–itself explained by better hygiene, not better medical care–explains increases in life expectancy; real income is tied to inflation, which is distorted by agencies who measure it; etc), his presentation still reveal the materialistic bias of civilization in general and the craven greed of “development” experts in particular. Higher standard of living only contribute to higher quality of life up to a certain, very low point–$10,000/person/year. This is both a statistic and a fact that one can observe simply by being amidst happy poor people in partially intact non-industrial cultures).

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