Does Democracy Have a Chance?

Tom Atlee of the Co-Intelligence Institute does some fine work. For several years he’s been compiling a list of resources for democracy and participation.  In a recent newsletter, he provided some recent additions to the list. Here is what he said.-t.h.g. 

Here is what we’ve found so far.  Please spread the word and share with us any other sites that describe multiple resources on these subjects.

1. Participedia –

2. ParticipateDB –

3. The National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation’s Resource pages –, especially

4. Orton Family Fund’s “Community Matters” –

5. Craigslist Foundation’s LikeMinded –

6. WiserEarth – e.g., and and others

7. – e.g., and and others

8. A Pattern Language for Group Process –

9. People and –

10. Deliberative Democracy Helpline –

11. Co-intelligence Institute lists:

a. Community Resources from the Co-Intelligence Institute – (includes extensive materials on multi-process programs)

b. (which features )

12.  Involve:  e.g., (they used to have a great glossary wiki with methods and ideas but it seems to have disappeared…)

13. E-Democracy –

14. Tom Atlee’s list of participatory budgeting resources –

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