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Beware of bedbug sprays

I’m a frequent visitor to Thailand and spend a lot of time in the northern city of Chiang Mai, so I am naturally interested in learning the cause of a series of mysterious deaths that occurred there in January and February of this year.

Among the seven people who have died under similar circumstances was a young New Zealand tourist named Sarah Carter. While official pronouncements have yet to pinpoint a cause, a report by New Zealand TV3’s “60 Minutes” program has presented evidence that the deaths may have stemmed from the use of the chemical spray, chlorpyrifos, at the hotel where four of the seven deaths occurred. Chlorpyrifos is used to kill bed bugs. Since bedbugs have become more problematic everywhere over the past year or so, people need to be aware of the dangers inherent in the various methods of controlling them.

The New Zealand report can be found at:—insecticide/tabid/371/articleID/210265/Default.aspx

You can find more details about this story here.

Japan scraps plans for new nuclear plants

Harvey Wasserman proposes the U.S. follow Japan’s lead in scrapping plans for new nukes.  Here’s an excerpt:

[Japanese Prime Minister] Kan’s decision to shut Hamaoka and then to cancel future nukes came as a shock. Widely criticized for weakness in the wake of Fukushima, he has now redefined Japan’s energy future.

Read the full article here.

Serious questions about the killing of Osama bin Laden

The evidence that the government has presented about the killing of Osama seems pretty flimsy. Are we to take the government’s word for it? Has the government ever lied to the people before? Might it be lying now?

Cindy Sheehan addresses those questions in a recent interview by Dr. Drew.

Also, Alexander Cockburn’s recent article, A Volcano of Lies, in Counterpunch deserves close attention. –t.h.g.