A serious message from the bees?

Bees do a lot more than provide us with a sweet treat. Most of our food supply depends on bees for pollination, yet we are inadvertently killing them. Colony collapse has become a major threat to our food supply. Monoculture and widespread use of pesticides are probably not sustainable. Queen of the Sun: What are the Bees Telling Us?,  is a new award-winning film that tells this important story. Watch the trailer.

3 responses to “A serious message from the bees?

  1. Interesting. We create toxins which are absorbed by the roots of trees and flowers, which then produce pollen that most likely produce our allergies. Bees produce honey from the same pollen that gives us allergies, and has far more powerful effects on them.

    Humans are so smart!

  2. This is a great look at the Honey Bee crisis, and what people can do about it. I really enjoyed when it played in Portland, and am glad it is opening around the country now.
    Thanks for sharing the word!

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