The Best and the Worst Companies

Better World Shopper has compiled a list of the best and worst companies according to the following criteria:

THE ENVIRONMENT: global warming, rainforest destruction, pollution, recycling, renewable energy, greenwashing, toxic waste, eco-innovations, illegal dumping, sustainable farming.

HUMAN RIGHTS: sweatshops, 3rd world community exploitation, international health issues, divestment, child labor, code of conduct.

ANIMAL PROTECTION: factory farming, animal testing, humane treatment,
wild animal habitat.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: family farms, local business support, volunteer efforts,
sustainable growth, philanthropic donations, nonprofit alliances, establishing foundations.

SOCIAL JUSTICE : health & safety records, fair wages, union busting efforts, fatalities,
discrimination based on: race, gender, age, ability, religion, sexuality, ethnicity.

Before you go shopping, check out the best and the worst.

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