What if? Ron Paul’s brilliant speech on U.S. foreign policy and war.

Congressman Ron Paul has once again spoken truth to power, and to the American people.  What if we DID wake up and  actually supported him and put our energy and resources behind his agenda? What if we refused to participate in America’s illegal imperial adventures? What if we started to wean ourselves off of our dependency upon fossil fuels and mega-corporations and put our resources into securing our own food, energy, and other necessities of life in our own local communities? What if we stopped using banks and took control of our own credit to allocate it to one another according to our own needs and priorities? What if we took responsibility for ourselves and our communities–our health, our education, and all the things that make life worth living? –t.h.g.

One response to “What if? Ron Paul’s brilliant speech on U.S. foreign policy and war.

  1. By withholding our consent to comply/accept certain government “services” in these aspects we would certainly have a a better chance of securing a sane self determined future overall for ourselves and our children as well as our fellow human beings around the world. We can and must indeed reject the paternalistic “official government money system” and implement the teachings of E.C. Riegel and truly become self governing.

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