Praise Google and the World Wide Web

We are indeed fortunate to live in a time when information is becoming virtually free and instantly available.

I own a vintage Dodge Caravan which is equipped with an accessory unit that tells me my direction, fuel consumption and the ambient temperature.  On a recent road trip the temperature reading failed while all the other functions continued to work. The digital temperature display read only “OC.”

I missed having that information but had no idea what the problem might be. Today I got the idea to do a web search  to see if I could perhaps solve the problem myself. I entered the following in my Google search window: “dodge caravan compass temperature oc.”

I was amazed when the first item on the list took me to a forum that contained a dialog on my exact problem. Within a couple minutes I knew what the “OC” code meant, where the ambient temperature sensor was located, and what might be the problem. It took me two minutes more to go to my car and fix it.

OC is the code that means the temperature is out of range. It can also indicate a defective sensor. Upon inspection, I determined that the wire to the sensor had come loose. I reattached it and voila! I once again have a correct temperature readout.

You gotta love Google and the internet.

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