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Is this the future of urban transportation?

The Yike Bike is one of the most ingenious inventions I’ve ever seen. Watch this short demonstration.

The Many Benefits of Alcohol Fuel

No, I’m not talking about ethanol from corn, which enriches agribusiness while causing food prices to spike. Alcohol fuel can be produced from a variety of feedstocks, including many waste products. A shift from gasoline to ethanol has many benefits.

Investment in small scale locally owned ethanol plants can provide a hedge against dollar inflation while assuring our energy future based on domestic/local resources instead of petroleum deposits in distant lands.

Watch this interview with ethanol expert David Blume

A two-minute summary of reasons for switching to alcohol fuel can be found here.

Non-toxic cleanup—an elegant soultion to the oil spill

Here’s and elegant solution to the oil spill.

I wonder if it can get enough support to be implemented.
Chemical dispersants make lots of profit for the chemical companies.
Who profits from using hay or grass?

Copy machines store your documents, CBS reports

This report is astonishing. Virtually every copy machine manufactured since 2002 contains a hard drive that stores an image of every document copied on that machine. The risks to privacy and security are apparent, but nothing is being done about it. Copier beware. — t.h.g.

How can anyone not be moved by this?

I’ve watched this video over and over again and I’m still moved by it.

If you’re afraid to try, or to take hold of your dream, watch Susan Boyle as she undauntedly puts herself on the line and delivers a remarkable and inspiring performance.

You are not a victim of your genes.

Biologist Bruce Lipton says “Genes do not self-activate… Perception controls genes.” The state of your health is NOT determined by your genes. It is signals from your environment that determine the activation of your genes.

He also speaks about “adaptive mutation,” which means that genes do not change randomly, but in response to the environment, or perception. But our perceptions may be accurate or inaccurate, hence the title of his book, The Biology of Belief. Perception will rewrite your genes according to what you believe.

Is this where faith comes into play? Jesus said:

“I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, “Move from here to there” and it will move.” — Matthew 17:20

Here’s the first part of a seven-part presentation in which Dr. Lipton explains these ideas at length:

You can watch the entire presentation here.

Praise Google and the World Wide Web

We are indeed fortunate to live in a time when information is becoming virtually free and instantly available.

I own a vintage Dodge Caravan which is equipped with an accessory unit that tells me my direction, fuel consumption and the ambient temperature.¬† On a recent road trip the temperature reading failed while all the other functions continued to work. The digital temperature display read only “OC.”

I missed having that information but had no idea what the problem might be. Today I got the idea to do a web search¬† to see if I could perhaps solve the problem myself. I entered the following in my Google search window: “dodge caravan compass temperature oc.”

I was amazed when the first item on the list took me to a forum that contained a dialog on my exact problem. Within a couple minutes I knew what the “OC” code meant, where the ambient temperature sensor was located, and what might be the problem. It took me two minutes more to go to my car and fix it.

OC is the code that means the temperature is out of range. It can also indicate a defective sensor. Upon inspection, I determined that the wire to the sensor had come loose. I reattached it and voila! I once again have a correct temperature readout.

You gotta love Google and the internet.

Amusing, creative, and absolutely astonishing