Monthly Archives: June 2009

What’s Going on in Iran?

There may be good reason to be suspicious of the present Iranian government and their handling of the recent demonstration, but I’m sensing that what we’re seeing on the nightly TV news and even Twitter, may be somewhat less than relaible reports. The drum beat against the present government appears eerily reminiscent of what we heard prior to the Iraq invasion and other attempts by the Western Powers for “regime change” in diverse countries over the years. The other day I was watching CNN at the health club and they went on and on with images and allegations but little in the way of factual reporting. The showed on Iranian woman who actually referred to president Ahmadinejad as a “dictator,” which is an obvious absurdity. The U.S. has demonstrated over and over again that it is willing to tolerate dictators, and even install them, if they will play along with the agenda.

This article by Eric Margolis provides some relevant facts that are useful to anyone willing to consider the bigger picture of geo-politics. — t.h.g.

Composting with worms

Here is a new worm composting website that gives precise instructions that can be easily followed by almost anyone:

Why Business Should Do the Right Things

In her presentation to members of the New Voice of Business, Hunter Lovins lays out the big picture about the global mega-crisis, making the case for “moving aggressively to solve such challenges as global warming, peak oil, the vulnerability of our energy infrastructure and others. She discussed how climate protection, energy efficiency, renewable energy and other sustainable approaches will give us a stronger economy, and a higher quality of life. Hunter also highlighted how communities and companies are implementing these and many other strategies to cut their costs and drive their innovation.”

While her arguments are largely chosen to appeal to conventional business objectives, she posits the reality of a “sustainability imperative,” and makes a good start in showing how narrow company interests can be, and are being served by moves toward greater resource efficiency and environmental improvement. Highly recommend. View it here.