Don’t Panic Over Flu Hype

I receive Dr. Mercola’s free health newsletter regularly by email. Before you take any flu vaccine you MUST read this: Critical Alert: The Swine Flu Pandemic – Fact or Fiction?

And Fred Burks has this to say:

Dear friends,

The swine flu was first announced less than a week ago, yet people around the world are in a panic. People with a simple cough or cold are now wondering if they might die. Indonesia just banned all imports of pork, when there is zero evidence that the flu comes from pigs. There are many important facts not being adequately reported in the media.

Thanks to the extensive network of careful researchers of which I’m a part (including most of you), I can recommend two summaries that are very powerful for understanding the deeper aspects of what’s going on. The first is an article I composed, putting together the best, most reliable information on the subject. Check it out at:

As a teaser, the CDC recommends Tamiflu for prevention and treatment of swine flu, as they did with the avian flu several years ago. Yet did you know that at the height of the avian flu scare, researchers reviewed 51 randomized controlled trials of the drug? Tamiflu was found to be useless against the avian flu and many other flus. And did you know that Donald Rumsfeld made $5 million on sales of the drug at the time? And what about Japan’s ban on Tamiflu for teenagers as a result of the 17 teenagers who died as a result of side effects? You can verify all of this at the links to major media sources provided.

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