Matrix Realities, Modes of Escape? — New Video Offers Inights

Here is a 16-minute YouTube video by Stefan Molyneux that will coax you further to “take the red pill” and escape the matrix.”

6 responses to “Matrix Realities, Modes of Escape? — New Video Offers Inights

  1. I’ve read Stefan’s wok before. He’s very good. My dad would have loved this.

  2. A darker view of “civilized” humanity is difficult to imagine. My principle problem with this view is that “waking up” to our relatively benign modern wage-slavery gives no direction to actions leading to true freedom from exploitation. Abolish ideologies? Install a non-ideological ideology? Abolish religions? Recognize that human life is meaningless? Philosopphy? Logical, moral, or spiritual (or if all intertwined–paradox-free?)? End statism? Install anarchism? Abolish debt? Produce with no thought of reward? Destroy the mechanical slaves that enslave us? Return to hunter-gathering? My secondary problem is that no clear criteria emerge to differentiate the slaves from the slavers. It’s a commonplace that slavers are in bondage to their slaves as much as their slaves are to them. Could it be that we are all irrevocably enslaved to the fact of our mere existence?

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  4. The world as a colored coded patchwork of human livestock farms? That’s a thought. Molyneux throws out a radical and conspiracy based explanation and analogy of age old exploitation apparently to awaken unknowing slaves from their own “Stolkholm Syndrome”….Eat the red pill? Exploitation seems to be the basic entropic quality moving forward from as far as history serves us. As fact, it is neither good or bad. It is motion. As the earth’s own innate motion in space trumps Man’s own exploitive follies, a new age bekons the exploitators to design “smart farms” or more balanced systems to mitigate damage to the host planet’s nourishing resources that the “cows” depend on. Amidst all of this, who would reject the notion of the preservation or even expansion of human freedom? Maybe one could start with Prince Philip in his disguise as a hero to nature, ie. the World Wildlife Federation.

  5. It is simply good to think of these things…thanks for giving me more to work with as I struggle to find reality and a political direction.

    Without the 9/11 deception these thoughts would have never existed in my head, so there goes humanity, predictable but continually evolving.

    Kindest regards John

  6. Molyneux might be right about statism, and he might also be the leader of a cult (as some people claim).

    Watching this video prompted me to re-read ‘The Abolition of Work and other essays’ by Bob Black.


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