You’ll Have Fun With This Two Minute Exercise

This came to me by way of James Taris. James is a writer, teacher and actor, an Australian of Greek descent, living in China.

Joke Of The Month: Learn Chinese in 5 Minutes

(You MUST read these aloud)

Eng: That’s not right.
Chi: Sum Ting Wong.

Eng: Are you harboring a fugitive?
Chi: Hu yu hai ding?

Eng: See me ASAP.
Chi: Kum hia nao.

Eng: Small horse.
Chi: Tai ni po ni.

Eng: Did you go to the beach?
Chi: Wai yu so tan?

Eng: I think you need a facelift.
Chi: Chin tu fat.

Eng: It’s very dark in here.
Chi: Wai so dim?

Eng: I thought you were on a diet?
Chi: Wai yu mun ching?

Eng: This is a tow away zone.
Chi: No pah king.

Eng: Our meeting is scheduled for next week.
Chi: Wai yu kum nao?

Eng: Staying out of sight.
Chi: Lei ying lo.

Eng: He’s cleaning his automobile.
Chi: Wa shing ka.

Eng: Your body odour is offensive.
Chi: Yu stin ki pu.

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