Small Is Necessary

When it comes to government, small scale is absolutely essential. When government becomes too big, it becomes too remote from the people, too difficult to control, and ultimately, destructive to the interests of the people it is supposed to serve. That truth is becoming ever more evident all around the world, but particularly in 21st century America.

It may seem paradoxical, but as the power of centralized government approaches the absolute, there are also devolutionary trends that are becoming increasingly significant. The secessionist movement is one of these. A recent article in Good Magazine, titled, Most Likely to Secede, tells of citizen efforts that have been ongoing in Vermont for the past few years, and of a recent conference that drew secessionists from 36 states.

Is this a Quixotic effort that will soon fade into obscurity? Only time will tell. But it is clear that the current global challenges require us to organize to find ways of implementing our own life-affirming, freedom-promoting, community-building approaches; reducing our dependence upon the dominant institutions and structures; and making the centralist’s “game” irrelevant.  – thg


One response to “Small Is Necessary

  1. This sounds a bit more like something I can agree with…

    Where’s your plan posted Thomas?

    My approach to this “problem”, is to live like a PT (see my linked name). The basic PT approach is to *use* the “centralist’s game”, which includes nation states, and diversify your self across 5 flags (countries).

    I also promote the strategy to others (see link). Popularizing this approach has/is/will have the effect of freeing up the individual participant as much as possible, whilst simultaneously degrading, or undermining, the structure that makes it possible in the first place.

    Now while the life-affirming and freedom-promoting aspects of this strategy are incontrovertible, the “community-building” aspect may be lacking.

    I think, no matter which way you slice it, humanity’s shift to greater freedom *for all* is not going to come too easily — or without a price.

    I think it’s going to be a case of basically *out-competing* the “centralists”.

    But “communing” too much is just going to provide for an easier target for them to focus on and destroy (as is their wont).

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