Creeping Totalitarianism in the USA – Where and When Will People Take a Stand?

America and the world have for a long time been sliding toward totalitarian government. One essential feature of such government is tight control over citizens’ movements and activities. That kind of control requires a system of “positive personal identification.” Congress recently took another step in that direction by passing the “Real ID Act.” It requires that states harmonize their license issuing procedures and that licenses carry a rfid chip that can be electronically read from a distance.
Part of the act is slated to be implemented by May 11, 2008. Read about it and ask your state legislators to refuse to comply. – thg

 Why the ‘Real ID’ Act is a real mess

(FindLaw) — In May 2005, Congress passed the “Real ID” Act, which requires states – starting in May 2008 — to issue federally approved driver’s licenses or identification (ID) cards to those who live and work in the United States.

Also see this recent article from the New York Times.


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