The Wisdom and Humor of Osho

Osho, formerly known as Rajneesh, was surely a controversial figure. He was widely regarded as a spiritual teacher, but more than that, he was a very funny man. Osho died in 1990, but you can see and hear some of his lectures at

I’d suggest you start with the audio files at

Whether you think his teachings to be wise or not,  you’re sure to have a few laughs.

And while we’re on the subject, you may have heard of Swami Beyondananda, aka, Steve Bhaerman. Over the past several years, his columns have appeared in newspapers around the country, and he has been heard on the radio.

I had the pleasure of meeting him last week in Sonoma, California at a lecture by Frances Moore Lappe. Frances is well known her work over the past 25 or 30 years in the field of the politics of food. Her newest book is entitled, Getting a Grip.

Anyway, you’ll find some further humorous items at the website of Swami Beyondananda website.

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