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Triaka’s Confessions of a Veteran

This “confession” from Triaka Smith so moved me that I asked his permission to post it. It’s always comforting to know that there are others who have waken up and seen through the deception. Many more are every day “escaping the matrix.” Enjoy, Tom

From: Triaka Smith
Sent: Thursday, August 2, 2007 3:29 PM

I CONFESS that after growing to adulthood in U.S. Public (government) Schools in Washington State and California, and absorbing the government-approved version of world history, I knew very little about the Real world when I enlisted in the U.S. Navy at age 18.

I felt that the U.S. Constitution, and especially its Bill of Rights, was worth defending against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so entering into the military in World War Two seemed fitting. Following a few weeks of Basic Training, the Navy schooled me in visual communications in accordance with its aptitude testing and I was soon aboard a ship engaged in the Battles of Leyte Gulf (The Philippines), and soon after in Okinawa (Japan). Seeing people killed in warfare made a lasting impression on me.

I CONFESS that upon my return to civilian life and subsequent entry into the profession of Radio News Broadcasting and Political Commentary, I only then began to gain a full education in what was really going on in the world. I learned, like many before me, that powerful Money Interests were controlling and manipulating the U.S. and other governments around the world. I soon began writing and voicing Commentary and doing talk shows espousing “Individual Rights” in contrast with all “collectivist/governmental” systems and became a candidate for the California State Assembly in which I witnessed “dirty tricks” and criminal-like activity directed against my own and other losing campaigns.

I CONFESS that I was GREATLY DISAPPOINTED as I slowly grew aware over the yeas that the much-proclaimed U.S. Constitution was entirely inadequate to accomplish what its writers claimed in their opening sentence. to “establish Justice”, and “secure the Blessings of Liberty” for “we the People”. As time passed, the evidence of Constitutional shortcomings became overwhelming to me and I finally wrote much about it on the Internet in “56 Grievances”

Importantly, I was always in full agreement with the American Founders when, in their 1776 Declaration of Independence they proclaimed that human beings are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, among these are Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness”. In this precise wording they made clear the proposition that there are additional Rights conferred by the Creator.

If human beings are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights”, I concluded its logical to assume that only their Creator can fully identify them to the Individual and, subsequently, only the Individual can make claim to them and seek to Protect them from political predators. They may be Inherent, Innate, Ingrained, Instinctive, and/or Intuitive, but always Inalienable.

It is one thing to Identify Rights as in the the U.S. Constitution “Bill of Rights” where they have only implied protection, and it is quite another thing to specifically and explicitly Protect them! For example, the U.S. Constitution says of the Legislative Branch “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech or of the press…” but, the Executive Branch of government, especially the President, can issue an “Executive” or other order to circumvent that exact intention, and with the Supreme Court being politically-appointed, abridgement can and does in fact occur. Suddenly, we discover Free Speech and Free Press are impinged or killed outright by police-state powers which are increasingly evident in the world as the global powers-that-be control and manipulate economic and political conditions globally into a “new world order” One World Government, in which Individual Rights will likely be limited to those that in no way conflict with the position of superior and unequal rulers, and to whom humans have been falsely led to surrender, support, and empower.

I CONFESS, with much first-hand history behind me, I finally came to full realization that if there is to be Justice, Peace, and Freedom on earth, all Individual Rights must not only be identified, they must be actively “Protected” in the face of those who would ignore, deny or trample them. And the best protective mechanism I can devise is The CONSTITUTION of UNITED DIVERSITY (at least read Article 1 – “Individual Pre-eminence and Sovereign Freewill”)

Thank you.

For the Highest Good of All,