Water Wars Are Here and Now

Water is a necessity of life.

Increasingly, water is being commodified and controlled by a few large corporations. Nestle alone controls the  following brands in North America:

1. Arrowhead
2. Calistoga
3. Deer Park
4. Ice Mountain
5. Ozarka
6. Poland Spring
7. Zephyrhills
8. San Pelligrino
9. Contex
10. Perrier
11. Aqua Pana
12. Nestle Pure Life

Coca Cola and Pepsi own many more.

I, like so many others today, buy bottled water to drink, but we need to become more conscious about our options. Very soon our water sources will have been largely privatized and we will be made to pay artificially high prices for access.

Don’t let that happen.

  1. Stop buying bottled water.
  2. Work to assure that water sources remain under local control.
  3. Get a good quality water filter for your home.

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