Support Our Troops by Bringing Them Home


Here’s an editorial by noted author and poet David Ray. His editorial expresses my sentiments about the Iraq war. – t.h.g.

3-16, 2007 To The Editor:

No one can fault Sgt. Shope’s feeling that “If you pull out, you take the 3,000 or so soldiers who have died and say it doesn’t mean nothing anymore.” But why sacrifice probably far more than another 3,000, since the president and the leading Democratic Candidate have both made it clear that they plan to continue the war after the next election. I don’t know how anyone who can see the pictures of the 21 wonderful people from Tucson whose lives have been taken by this war based on lies and not pour out into the streets demanding that it be halted now, not in a month or a week or a year or a decade. The only way to “support the troops” is to bring them back out of harm’s way immediately. If the Iraqis choose to kill one another, that is as much their privilege as it was for both sides of the American Civil War, also led by self-righteousness and religious fanaticism. The mystery is not why George W. Bush, proclaiming democracy while not honoring an election or wiser counsel, clings to his obsession, but why Americans continue to tolerate these sacrifices, depriving our citizens of life and billions needed to solve problems at home is the greater mystery.

David Ray

Author & Professor

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