Chris Wright’s Latest Book About Sustainability

YOUR WAKE UP CALL – Signposts to Sustainability


Most of us just want to live securely and sustainably on our crowded planet, but the omens are not good. Humanity faces many challenges – severe climate change, environmental collapse, mass species extinctions, pandemics caused by increasing poverty worldwide and the ever present threat of terrorism and war – but shows little sign of being able to rise to them; certainly within the timescales that are now being suggested if global catastrophe is to be avoided. We are sleep-walking towards a precipice.


Your Wake Up Call is just that, a timely and sober look at the issues we need to address, particularly as individuals, if our children and grandchildren are to enjoy any kind of quality of life. Why, when we have a greater number of people and material resources at our disposal than at any time in history, are we so powerless to act? What are the factors that create and foster change?


An alternative is possible if only we would reach out and grasp it. Based on Human Scale values, it is a future in which we can all play our part. Taking the first step is the hardest, but if everyone stepped forward together the world would be changed forever.


It really is time to wake up and act…


Chris Wright is author of four books (including two novels) that explore the themes of community renewal and personal development. He is a founder member of Action for Sustainable Living.


Published by The Community Press ISBN 0 9554580 0 5 (978 0 9554580 0 2)


Price £11.99 – including P & P


Purchase via Action for Sustainable Living or send a cheque for £11.99 to Action for Sustainable Living, Unit 7, St Wilfred’s Enterprise Centre, Off Royce Road, Hulme, Manchester, M15 5BJ


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