Giving up my wheat-based diet

I’ve been having some digestive problems lately — pain in the gut, gas, and bloating. One day a couple weeks ago I ate a bagel with butter together with a cup of yerba mate (tea). The reaction was almost immediate and dramatic — spasms and fluttering in my upper left abdomen, lots of burps and pain.

That led me to suspect that I might have developed an allergy to wheat, something that is said to be quite common. I have always been quite fond of bread, pastries and bakery goods of all kinds, so making the decision to quit them was difficult, but that’s what I’ve done and I can report a big improvement in my problem. The pains and fluttering are gone and my bowel movements are more normal and regular.

Pertinent to this is an item in Dr. Mecola’s newsletter, Break the Bread Trap. I recommend you read it.

Here is an excerpt:

Bread and similar wheat products are ubiquitous throughout much of the world. For many years, the USDA’s food pyramid recommended 11 servings of grains and grain products. However, modern wheat is very different from the wheat our ancestors ate.

The proportion of gluten protein in wheat has enormously increased as a result of hybridization. Until the 19th century, wheat was also usually mixed with other grains, beans and nuts; pure wheat flour has been milled into refined white flour only during the last 200 years.

The resulting high-gluten, refined grain diet most of us have eaten since infancy has created health problems in the gut, the bloodstream, the brain, and sometimes also the joints, cardiovascular system and endocrine system.


3 responses to “Giving up my wheat-based diet

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  3. You might also want to read ‘Breaking the Vicious Cycle – The Specific Carbohydrate Diet’ by Elaine Gottschall.

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