Monthly Archives: October 2006

You’ve Got to See This Film

I finally got to see Aaron Russo’s latest film,  America: Freedom to Fascism, and I must say it is a blockbuster. I’ve been following many of the same threads for many years so there was not much in the film I did not already know, but for the average American, I think it will be a tremendous shock.

Anyone who wants to escape the matrix will find it both chilling and challenging.

We Americans have our work cut out for us. We’re quickly running out of wiggle room. I can’t help but think that the political situation in present day America must be much like that of 1930’s Germany. It did not start with the Bush administration but has been an ongoing trend for decades. It’s a trend that is based on fear mentality and a need to feel in control. The end result can only be a total loss of freedom.  Our leaders see threats everywhere; they seem to perceive nothing but threat. It’s not some outside terrorists that threaten our freedom, its ourselves. The Bill of Rights has been all but nullified. The principles and values that made America great have all but been abandoned. For what?

We enable leaders who reflect our own mentality. Will we embrace the ideal of human unity in the spirit of compassion and fellowship or will we let fear lead us to self-destruct?

See this film.