The Day the World Stands Still!

A recent message from Sarvodaya USA got me to thinking.

How about asking everyone in the world to stop and meditate, pray, or just be still right where they are for 5 minutes at the very same time on the very same day and see what happens….

Think of the toilets not flushed, the phone calls not made, the radios and TV’s not played, the noises not made, …..

In today’s increasingly connected world, this could be HUGE.

What if a million people did it? 10 million? 100 million? A Billion? Would that give us a sense of our collective power? Would it crash the power grid or the stock market?

The point is not necessarily the effectiveness of meditation or prayer or any paranormal phenomenon. The point is to STOP doing what you ordinarily do. Simultaneous action can have profound effects, like when people all rush to one side of a boat, or soldiers march in step across a bridge. One of my students told me of a prank the students did in a multi-story dormitory. Many of them flushed toilets on different floors at the same time. You can imagine the effect.

Simultaneous inaction can be as powerful as simultaneous action, and it’s low risk or no risk. It’s a way for people to become conscious of their collective power. Once we become aware of the power of coherent action or inaction, anything becomes possible.

2 responses to “The Day the World Stands Still!

  1. I have had similar thoughts the past year. About a third of us would have to get out of bed to participate. A 5 minute affirmation of peace and love could be optional after the meditation, or any issue that needs prompt global attention for that matter. Then the trick would be to establish it monthy at the same date and time.

    How about having 3 periods 8 hours apart and many of us could do at least two of them and more total people would participate?

    On PBS at the end of the Jim Lehrer Newshour, they have a few minutes of silence for a a memorial of U.S. military casualties. They might go with this and set an example for other networks.

    It might take some time to organize but I believe the power would transform every participant. An excellent, doable idea Tom.

    Ed Howes

  2. It’s always been a dream to organize for world peace or some such noble ideal, and I’m not against world peace, but I’m not sure I like the idea of getting our minds into alignment five or ten minutes a day. In fact, I think our striving toward unity of mind and purpose is what causes our problems now.

    One thing to consider is the idea of entropy and the more recent concept of Chaos science. Entropy is often accelerated by our “good intentions”. For example, the greater organization that occurs in one area, the greater chaos occurs in related areas, because we must borrow energy from one area to organize another area in closed systems. Of course, if everyone meditated five minutes at the same time every day, is that a “closed” or “open” system?

    Second is the nature of freedom itself. Godel’s theorem tells us basically that any system of sufficient complexity(perhaps meditation) has truths that can neither be proven nor disproven. Essentially, by this theorem , we trade one system for which we cannot discover the ultimate consequences for another system for which we cannot know the ultimate consequences.

    Added to Godel’s theorem is Chaitin’s theorem, which states that for every axiomatic system(is meditation an axiomatic system? Does it assume certain truths as axiomatic foundations? Would we all agree in the content or aspects of our meditations?), there is an infinity of undecideable propositions.

    What seems to be suggested by these two theorems is that the best we can do is trade one uncertainty for another uncertainty, and the more certainty or security we obtain in one area, the greater uncertainty occurs in related areas(entropy).

    I think our varied notions of “good” and “evil” exist for a necessary purpose of survival. It is our very inability to agree on universal ethics or aspects of reality that guarantees that survival as a species. Indeed, the one way for evil to grow is if good people do nothing. Unfortunately, our quietness and goal of unity contributes to a worldwide monetary system that harnesses our security needs and collective fears.

    I would suggest that each person strike out on his or her own and seek personal goals that bring personal security apart from collective ideals, even religious collective ideals.

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