Human Unity and World Peace

It was more than thirty years ago that I embarked upon a journey to discover the root causes of the world’s problems. I think I’ve made some progress in that. There are so many things that separate us from one another, from God, and from nature.

I think John Lennon was inspired when he wrote the lyrics to the song Imagine. Along those lines it occurs to me that much of the problem derives from our being overly identified with inherited mindsets. Each of us is born into and indoctrinated in a particular nation, culture and religion, all of which shape and color, and even distort our perceptions of God and reality. But the true nature of God is revealed from within, not from without. The true Self, or Divine Self, cannot be realized by following ANY particular set of rules, rituals, and formulas.

I think the current wave of “fundamentalism” represents a desperate seach for answers about how to live, how to avoid divine punishment, and how to guarantee one’s reward in some imagined afterlife beyond death. While the various “wisdom books” can be helpful in affirming ongoing revelation, they are no substitute for it and should not be worshiped as icons.”The way” cannot be contained in ANY book.

2 responses to “Human Unity and World Peace

  1. Looks like we began our investigations about the same time and arrived at very similar conclusions. The corporate state desires a specific outcome for all its citizens and has learned how to insure it with the exception of a few troublemakers.

    Funnymentalists of every stripe serve an unreasonable God and the proof of their faith is mental and emotional stasis. I am familiar enough with Christian scripture to use it as a yardstick and BS detector and often incorporate it in my writing to illustrate a point or two and I certainly have not missed the fact that presumed authorities have no use for the golden rule. Lot’s of funnymentalists have discarded it as well. As a rule they discredit the faiths they insist we all adhere to.

    Ed Howes

  2. I agree with what you say right up to the last sentence: “The way cannot be found in any book”

    A book of true wisdom will tell you that there is no “way” we can follow, no process by which we can be relieved of independent thought and choice. So, if you’re looking for a cookie cutter mold, you will be disappointed and disillusioned at the end of life’s journey.

    Lao Tzu said “The way that can be followed is not the true way”. Jesus himself said the same thing when asked what it would be like in the “end time” in Matthew 24. His first warning was “take heed that no man deceive you”, and later, in verse 24 he warned that there would arise false Christs, false apostles, so as, if possible, to deceive the “very elect”.

    So how does one avoid deception? Jesus himself gave that answer in verse 23 of Matt 24: “Then if any man says to you, Lo, here is Christ, or there, believe it not”.

    The proverbs says “there is a way that seemeth right to a man, but the end thereof is death”. Another says “Lean no to thine own understanding”.

    Even mathematics tells us there can be no system of thought that allows us to avoid individual decision making. Mathematician David Hilbert and others sought a formal system of mathematics to by-pass the error in human judgement and thought, a system so complete that “thinking about” the symbols that determine math operations would be “automatic”.

    Kurt Godel proved there is no such system and never can be. All systems with the complexity of number theory will have truths that can neither be proven nor disproven, and no matter how powerful the system, there will always be “Godel numbers” with that same quality of non-provability.

    Gregory Chaitin took it a step further and demonstrated that for every axiomatic system, there exists an infinity of undecideable propositions.
    The more complex our minds become, the more complexity lies before us.

    The answer cannot be in fundamentalist cookie cutter religions. Even the very attempt to organize in greater numbers results in greater chaos in related areas, due to the entropy principle. The universe is designed in such a way that no matter how we choose, we must ultimately face the chaos and complexity created by our own decisions.

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