2005 Tour – Europe & China

During 2005 I spent time in both Europe and China. In Europe, during the month of May, I met with Walther Smets, the owner of RES Barter, a commercial trade exchange that operates throughout Belgium; in Basel, Switzerland, I met with Prof. Tobias Studer of the University of Basel, who is an advisor to the WIR Bank; in Mondragon, Spain, I met with Mikel Lezamiz an executive of the Mondragon Cooperative Corporation and Prof, Fred Freundlich of the Mondragon University.Lezamiz&FreundlichResized_HPIM1393.jpg I spent the month of September in China where I spent three weeks teaching English to graduate students at Huazhong University in Wuhan. In Shanghai I was guided by Australian “LETSaholic, James Taris and his friend Rachel, and met twice with Mr. Frank Sang, owner of the Shanghai Barter Company.

One response to “2005 Tour – Europe & China

  1. whrere is mr smets??

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